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"Precision At Distance"




Bo & Kelsy Ployhar

Ployhar Precision Inc.


Bo was born and raised in the Blackfoot Valley in a farming, ranching and logging family.  He developed a love for guns at the young age of 5 when he was with his Grandpa Martin and they would shoot pop cans and gophers. Bo would either be borrowing his Grandpa's guns or taking them home to disassemble and clean.  That love then grew from hunting to setting up guns to shoot long range and eventually became an obsession all together.  This has since developed into a part time business building precision long range/hunting rifles.  Bo takes pride in building your dream rifle, he works on every gun like it's his own.  

Kelsy was born and raised in the Missoula Valley and was never around guns until she took hunters safety at the age of 17.  Bo's passion for guns and hunting quickly rubbed off on her!  Kelsy shot her first deer when she was 17, and now takes part in some long range shooting competitions usually placing well.  She likes to stay out of the gun shop but does the shipping and receiving along with some testing/R & D work and shooting training.


At Ployhar Precision Inc., we don't offer a set package rifle, instead we like to talk with you, take your goals and add our advice to find what will work best for you.  We can build you a better rifle at a better price than a lot of the big name outfits that spend tons of money on promotion or have a t.v. show.

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