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"Precision At Distance"





We would love to help you find the equipment that is best for you to meet your long range shooting goals.

Ployhar Precision, Inc. specializes in:

  • Building custom long range rifles

  • Rifle re-barreling

  • Barrel fluting

  • Custom muzzle brakes

  • Cerakote coatings

  • Load development & accuracy training.



Bo, owner of Ployhar Precision put 3 shots in a 1" group at 600 yds with a custom 338 Lapua and an Elite Iron suppressor.



“I have used 6 different muzzle brakes on different rifles, but nothing comes close to the recoil reduction and lift like a brake from Ployhar Precision.  It is very easy to spot your shot and their work is always top notch.”

                                                       Jeff Robertson

“I have owned several rifles built by Ployhar Precision, 6x47 lapua, .284 win, .308 win and a .300 norma. All have shot extremely well. My 6x47 lapua that Ployhar Precision built me two years ago has been responsible for several wins and multiple top 3 finishes in Montana and Wyoming.  Quality work, fast turn around and the fact that both Bo and Kelsy Ployhar shoot precision rifle matches are just a few of the reasons I choose to shoot Ployhar Precision rifles.”











                                                       Jeffrey Cardarelle



"I've been shooting Custom long range precision rifles for almost 5 years and Bo at Ployhar Precision has built my last 3 rifles. His fluting job was awesome and his custom muzzle brake reduces recoil noticeably more than the other brands I have tried. All of his guns have shot extremely well and I've easily been able to get loads to shoot 1/4 moa. Thanks for all your great work!"

Ckye Thomas

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